A Simple Filter For Your iTunes Folders

Having duplicate files in iTunes can be really annoying. You can end up spending so much time deleting the ones you don’t use and being unable to have more tracks because you have less disk space. If you are dealing with this problem, there are ways to remove duplicates. You just need to follow simple steps in eliminating unused or unwanted files.

The first thing that you need to do is to simply go the left side of your iTunes window, find Library, and then select music. When you see the file menu, select Show Duplicates to access the list of the duplicate files in your library. Choose the duplicate copies and then press the delete key. When you see a message that wants to know if you are sure about removing the items, just click on the remove button.

You will encounter a dialog that will give you two options if your files are in the iTunes folder. The options would be to to keep the file in it or transfer them to your recycle bin. If you are using Windows, choose the option that says move to recycle bin. Click on move to trash if you are using Mac.

You can repeat the steps above if you want to know if there are duplicate copies of TV shows, audio books, movies, and songs in your iTunes. You can also delete the duplicates quickly by selecting multiple duplicates before pressing the delete button. You just need to highlight the items and press the delete key.

Some Duplicate Remover Tools That Can Help Your iTunes Library

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